New Apps!

We’ve added some new apps to The KongreGadget!  These include a calculator app, an app to search the web, an app to search the Kongregate forums, and a notepad app.  Hope you like them!



Video Chat Tutorial

We wrote a quick tutorial on how to use the video chat system here.  You can probably figure it out without it, but it’s a good place to direct people if they are having troubles.  Happy video chatting on The KongreGadget!

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The KongreGadget Released!

Big news!

The KongreGadget

We are happy to announce we have just released The KongreGadget on Kongregate!  The KongreGadget is a collection of utilities and mingames, including a YouTube browser, video chat, and a playlist app.  Hope you love it as much as we do! We’ll post more info later today.

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